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Anatomy of a tsunami interactive

ICRAR and the EM Spectrum

The science of static electricity!

Learn about light waves

The brilliance of bioluminescence

Heat, light and sound

Properties of light

All about mirrors Q&A

Sunscreen & UV investigation

Colour worksheet

Light puzzlers

Light ppt.

Learn about light Q&A

Seeing things Q&A

Light waves

Optics instruments

Heat, light and sound

Access the Optical Light Bench

Conduct a virtual light box experiment

Microscopes, telescopes & cameras

Microscopes, cameras etc.

All about mirrors Q&A

Sunscreen & UV investigation

Colour worksheet

Refraction ppt.

Refraction & lenses

Reflection & mirrors

Lenses review worksheet

Lens - magnifying glass

Converging lenses

Optics webquest

Optics overview

EM Spectrum & waves worksheet

EM Spectrum drawing

Detecting UV rays

Creatures of the spectrum

EM spectrum interactive

Check out the infrared zoo!

EM spectrum ppt.

EM spectrum & light webquest

Electromagnetic webquest

EM Spectrum

Electrical energy webquest

Thermal conductivity experiment

Heat and kinetic theory cut & paste

Spinning Snake Experiment

Methods of heat transfer

Heat transfer during phase changes

Food colouring in hot water

The effect of double glazing on heat

Learn how heat energy is transferred

Does your money go through the roof?

Insulation experiment

Water heating experiment

Coolgardie safe investigation

Absorbing radiation investigation

Heat energy Q&A

Radiation & insulation Q&A

Convection & conduction Q&A

Thermal energy webquest

Thermal energy ppt.

Thermal energy

Watch how tsunamis work!

Electrical charges worksheet

Thunder following lightning

Sound overview

Sound energy ppt

Sound concept map

Sound alphabet puzzle

All about waves

How shocking!

Circuit electricity Q&A

Types of circuits Q&A

Electricity & circuits

Conductors & insulators

Conductor & insulator wordsearch

Click to learn all about Nikola Tesla!

Click to access an electrical circuit interactive

Electricity workbook

Electricity puzzlers

Electricity ppt.

Electrical Energy

Go to the Dangerous Decibels virtual exhibit

Click to access an interactive sound ruler!

Click to learn all about waves

Click to play the Doppler game

Sound & hearing Q&A

Sound energy Q&A

Sound webquest

Waves ruler demo

Sound & Waves

Physical Extension

White resources - worksheets.

Orange resources - keynote presentations.

Yellow resources - reading materials like textbook chapters.

Other coloured resources - links to interactive websites, games and multimedia sites.

Below I have listed all of the resources you will need to study Physical Science in middle school.

Physical Science Year 9