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Differentiated chemistry activities

Chemical reactions cut & paste

Phys & Chem changes (arrows)

Chemical science vocabulary list

States of matter chatterbox

Create your own elements

The science of salt Q&A

Naming the Elements Q&A

Disordered hyperuniformity

Chemistry mindmap cut & paste

Alchemy turning lead into gold

Offline fakebook colouring

Fakebook elements

Red resources - GATE enrichment activities.

White resources - worksheets.

Orange resources - keynote presentations.

Yellow resources - reading materials like textbook chapters.

Other coloured resources - links to interactive websites, games and multimedia sites.

Below I have listed all of the resources you will need to study Chemical Science in middle school.

Physical & Chemical changes ppt.

Chemical Science workbook

Element wanted poster

Simple chemical reactions ppt

Steel wool & vinegar experiment

Flammability experiment

Making compounds interactive

Click to access a states of matter interactive

Condensation and Evaporation

Changes of state worksheet

Play GoREACT to learn about elements

Click to explore the fire interactive

Fakebook elements assignment

Click to learn about the corrosion of metals

Burning steel wool experiment

Corrosion ppt.

Corrosion chemistry webquest

Combustion reactions Q&A

Corrosion & Combustion

Naming compounds info

Reactions of metals ppt.

Compounds & mixtures webquest

Elements & compounds ppt.

Changes of state experiment

Balloon experiment

Compounds Q&A

Compounds ppt.

Elements and compounds

Drawing compounds

Hanging together

Try fusing or separating elements

The first 10 elements song!

Naming Compounds

50 ways to name compounds

Elements & compounds Q&A


Play the new periodic table song

Metals in the home webquest


Making steel stronger lab

Metals in the home

Metals & non-metals Q&A

Versatile metals Q&A

Metals & Non-Metals

Dry ice observation experiment

Particle Theory of Matter ppt.

Phase changes worksheet

Partices of matter

Properties of solids,liquids,gases

Chemical mix up revision game

Solids, liquids & gases Q&A

States of matter webquest

States of Matter

If molecules were people!

Samples of elements practical

Elements Q&A

Element Jumbo Crossword

Elements revision sheet

Alchemy and chemical symbols

Building blocks of matter Q&A

Molecules in motion


It's Elemental!

The Gold Dust Kid

Element symbols

Elements & Molecules

Physical changes & particle theory

About physical & chemical changes

Physical & chemical virtual lab sheet

Physical Change Q&A

Physical and chemical changes virtual lab

Chemistry revision cut & paste

Chemistry vocabulary sheet

Analysing physical change

Physical Changes

The Periodic Table ppt.

The Periodic Table note taking frame

Listen to the NEW Periodic Table song!

The chemist's keyboard Q&A

Periodic Table flashcards

The periodic table pdf

Periodic Table webquest

The Periodic Table worksheet

The Periodic Table

Detecting chemical change

Observations of chemical changes

Chemical weapons presentation

Chemistry and the brain

Chemicals in your body

Rate of a chemical reaction

Chemical Extension

The science behind a cold pack!

The Pop Test Investigation

Production of Hydrogen Investigation

Observing physical and chemical changes virtual lab

Making reactions go faster or slower

Chemical reactions

Reactants & products

Energy change in endothermic reactions

Chemical changes Q&A

Chemical reactions Q&A

Chemical Changes

Chemical Science Year 8