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Middle School Expectations

Nanotechnology webquest

Year 8 Assessment Outline (2019)

Year 8 Unit Outline (2019)

Year 7 Assessment Outline (2019)

Year 7 Unit Outline (2019)



Study skills for parents

Click to access info about improving your science test technique!

A website that gives a general overview of study skills & strategies

Make your own digital flashcards for free!

Click to download a questionaire about exam stress

Click to download a guide for how to effectively read science texts

Study skills booklet

Study Resources

Human Subject Permission form

Supervising Scientist form

Talent Search Project ideas

Science Talent Search planning grid

Science Talent Search Rubric

'Strange Nature' writing competition

Enter the Eureka! Science competition

Check out the Google Science Fair

Click to enter the International Science Poetry Competition

Citizen science assessment

Science as a Human Endeavour

Click to download unity webplayer for Nanocity!

Click to go to the NANOZONE!

Discover the history of nanotechnology using this interactive timeline

Take a closer look at these 'Out of this world' citizen science projects

Participate in a whale song citizen science project

Click to access this online citizen science game


Click to learn about the science & technology of WWII

Textbook References

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Science vodcasting!

Famous Scientist Glog


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